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~ Effective Recovery ~

What We Offer


  • Specialising in all aspects of Debt Recovery
  • Targeted advice tailored to your needs
  • Effective and responsible recovery
  • Superior prompt results
  • Practised in acting for private enterprise large and small, utilities and insurance bodies, local and state government, and individuals
  • Special fees structures available


Debt Collection


Civil Litigation




Corporate & Commercial

Insurance Disputes

Local Government


Dispute Resolution

Why Choose Us

Proven Expertise

We have twenty five years mercantile experience to draw on, and sixteen years specialising in the law accompanying debt recovery

A history of consistent results for large corporations, government bodies, and small to medium business enterprises, gives us first hand understanding of your needs

we aim for the best approach that allows us to recover your funds with less interruption to your business and your cash flow

A Plan For You

We will provide tailored advice and develop a specific approach for each of your matters

Repeat clients will benefit from customised recovery management plans

We are able to assist you to improve your own recovery steps to maximise your own rate of recovery, aiming for fewer accounts to require enforcement at all

We are very aware of the often inconsistent economics of debt recovery and prioritise maximising your chances of recovery while minimising your outlay and your risk

Cost Effective Recovery

Our extensive experience in debt recovery allows us to target the most likely means of prompt recovery of your funds, minimising the risk of wasted fees

Our pricing structures reflect our understanding that the more you pay, the less you get back

Contact us to discuss the costing options that may work for you

Our Philosophy

Ethical, Compliant Recovery

Our belief is that aggressive or ‘strong arm’ tactics are not viable in terms of long term recovery and carry great risk to the reputation of the client.  Where we identify any risk of adverse consequence you can be assured that we will discuss the same with you in detail.

We appreciate your trust in us, and in doing so we ensure that you will not only maximise your chances of recovery, you can be confident that there is negligible risk of supportable negative impacts to your corporate standing or your image.

Responsible Recovery

Debt recovery can be repetitive, it is certain.  The application of a ‘one size fits all’ approach can result in a cycle of repeated proceedings that fail to recover even the legal costs.

We believe that responsible recovery is a recovery that seeks to avoid that cycle.  You can be assured that your matters will be furthered in a pragmatic and measured fashion, with a careful eye kept on your expenditure.

Know Your Jurisdiction

There is a perception that South Australia is a difficult jurisdiction in which to obtain recovery for creditors.  We take issue with this view.   During Rebecca’s history managing the local branches of national firms she was able to hold up what we have in comparison to that of other states, and we can assure creditors that South Australia has much to offer.  Our processes are faster and more cost effective than the eastern states.  Orders obtained are generally readily enforceable, and we have a structure of recoverable fees that allows for a very useful degree of predictability in expenses.  Although it is true that some of the eastern states’ processes are not available to us here, there are still many options that elicit sound results, and working effectively within our jurisdiction allows us to target those options for you.

Let’s Work Together